Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions form the entire basis of any contract with Claire Walton Property or their successors in title ("CWP"), whose correspondence address is: 9 Sergeants Way, Bedford, MK41 0EH.

CWP provides serviced and non-serviced residential accommodation (herein referred to as the "Accommodation") to companies and their employees, contractors or assignees, and to other individuals as appropriate and required. Who are collectively referred to herein as "the Client".

The period of hire of Accommodation provided by CWP is referred to herein as the "Hire Period" and includes any and all services and extensions of services provided by CWP.

1. Making a booking

1.1 These Terms and Conditions hereby apply, and the Client accepts that will apply, to all bookings made through CWP whether directly or through, external booking agencies.
1.2 The Client must confirm all bookings including any specific requirements in writing.
1.3 CWP requires full and accurate contact information for all individuals intending to utilise the Accommodation. By placing a booking with CWP the Client accept without any qualification or deferment whatsoever these Terms and Conditions for and on behalf of the Client.
1.4 The Client is entirely responsible for the upkeep, cleanliness, maintenance and security of the Accommodation regardless of whether they themselves stay in the Accommodation during the Hire Period.
1.5 The Client are required to verify all details provided to CWP and any inaccurate, misleading, erroneous or deficient information provided may result in the booking(s) being cancelled and the Accommodation no longer be available.
1.6 It is the Client's sole responsibility to ensure that they hold in place throughout the Hire Period appropriate insurance cover for all people staying or intending to stay in the Accommodation in respect of loss, damage (accidental or otherwise) or theft to any personal belongings (including but not limited to cars, vehicles, motorbikes, watches, wallets, mobile phones, computer equipment, music players or other equipment, jewellery, glasses, Audio and or Visual equipment or software and money) during the Hire Period. In the event that that the Client does not have in place such insurance cover CWP reserve the right, in their absolute discretion, to terminate the Client's booking of the Accommodation.

2. Amendments to booking

2.1 f the Client wishes to amend any booking (for example but not limited to: changing the Hire Period, changing the Accommodation requested or any specific services requested) CWP will, using its reasonable endeavours, try to comply with such requests but always subject to availability, feasibility and eligibility of such requests.
2. The Client will be required to pay for any additional expenses incurred as a result of the Client's requests as set out above.
2.3 n the event that the Hire Period has already commenced and the Client then elects to seek alterations to the booking, services or Accommodation, CWP will not accept any liability for any loss, damage or additional expenses incurred and CWP cannot guarantee any refund of any costs already paid by the Client. If the Client seeks to amend the duration of the Hire Period after it has commenced, CWP reserve the absolute and irrevocable right and option to amend its charges and rates accordingly.
2.4 n the event that the Client elects to reduce the duration of the Hire Period the Client will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever. However, if the Client has booked Accommodation on a long term basis over 28 nights and requires to depart early, a minimum of 14 clear days notice will be required as a notice period to be entitled to request a partial refund after expiry of the 14 clear days notice period. .Any refunds are solely at the absolute discretion of CWP.

3. If CWP cancels the booking

3.1 n exceptional circumstances CWP may find it necessary to cancel your booking and the Accommodation. In such an event CWP will make all reasonable efforts to find suitable alternative accommodation and at the same rates and duration. If this is not possible, despite their reasonable endeavours, CWP will provide a refund for the period of the unavailability of the Accommodation, However CWP will not be liable whatsoever for any other losses howsoever caused or incurred.

4. Confirmation of booking & booking alterations

4. CWP will confirm all bookings in writing to the Client.
4.2 n extraordinary circumstances and from time-to-time it maybe necessary for CWP to alter the location of and or the Accommodation prior to the Client's arrival. Although Accommodation and its location are confirmed in advance, the precise property cannot always be guaranteed.
4.3 f an alteration needs to be made to the Client's booking before arrival, CWP will notify the Client as soon as it is practicable and CWP will, at that time, offer a suitable alternative. If such alterative is not agreeable to the Client then the Client retains the option to cancel the booking subject to the provisions of Clause 6 below. In the event that Accommodation is booked with CWP through a third party website and such Accommodation, is then unavailable CWP will use its reasonable endeavours to provide alternative Accommodation to the Client subject to agreement between the Client and CWP regarding rates and the Hire Period.

5. Booking & non-refundable security deposits

5.1 n some cases and at the sole discretion of CWP, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the full cost of the Accommodation for the Hire Period and any agreed additional services will be required to be paid to CWP by the Client at the time of of the booking and in any event prior to the commencement of the Hire Period.
5. CWP reserves the right, at their own discretion, to request any additional deposit, in the amount to be decided by CWP in their absolute discretion, to cover any charges, liabilities or damage to the Accommodation which may be incurred during the Hire Period as set out in Clause 5.3 below..
5.3 he Client permits and accepts unconditionally that CWP can retain the Client's debit or credit card details taken at the time of the booking for the purposes in the event of any additional charges, liabilities or damage incurred to the Accommodation during the Hire Period (for example but not limited to any loss of keys, damage to the Accommodation and or breakages and any repair to the Accommodation, cutlery, crockery, walls, doors, carpets, floors, windows, fixtures and fittings, electronic equipment, white goods or furniture).
5.4 n the event that such additional deposit is insufficient to discharge in full any additional charges, liabilities and or damages as set out in Clauses 5.2 and 5.3 above then the Client will be notified and provided with a detailed and accurate invoice for such charges, liabilities and or damages and the outstanding amount will be deducted from the debit or credit details of the Client..

6. CWP's Cancellation Policy

6. All cancellations must be in writing to CWP.
6.2 WP will charge a cancellation charge and are on a case-by-case basis and at the sole and exclusive discretion of CWP. The Client is required prior to the commencement of the Hire Period to request from CWP in writing the cancellation charge that may apply for the Accommodation as some of CWP's property include a 100% cancellation charge.
6.3 ccommodation that does not attract a 100% cancellation charge are subject to the following cancellation charge which is based on the period of notice provided by the Client in writing to CWP:

  • More than 28 clear days notice before the commencement of the Hire Period then the Client will not be charged for cancellation.
  • Less than 28 clear days and more than 14 days notice before the commencement of the Hire Period then the Client will be charged 25% of the total booking charge.
  • Under 14 clear days notice before the commencement of the Hire Period then and including under 24 hours and non-arrivals then the Client will be charged the full booking price.

6. Where by reason of causes beyond the CWP's reasonable control and which are not due to the act neglect or default of the Client the Accommodation or Hire Period is unable to commence or continue then the hiring will be cancelled unless the parties agree to a suspension during part of the Hire Period or agree to other arrangements and in any such case CWP shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Client for any loss damage or inconvenience which they may sustain in consequence of such cancellation or suspension provided that:

(a) in the event of cancellation pursuant to this Clause 6 the Client shall be under no liability to the CWP in respect of future obligations under these Terms and Conditions other and shall be entitled to be repaid all sums already paid subject to a deduction of a sum equal to the CWP's costs up to the date of cancellation and such part of the Hire Period attributable to any part of the period; and

(b) in the event of suspension during part of the Hire Period the Client shall be relieved of any charge in respect of the period of suspension but shall be liable to pay CWP that proportion of the charges and of any additional charges which are reasonably attributable to the period before and after suspension during which the Hire Period is operative.

(c) or the avoidance of doubt and without prejudice to the generality of this clause "causes beyond CWP's reasonable control" shall include but not be limited to fire, tempest, flood, riot, civil or terrorist commotion, explosion and any kind of industrial action, lockout, labour difficulties, war, shortage of material and interruption of transport, water, electricity, gas and other services.

7. Invoicing

7.1 pon receipt of a booking CWP will invoice the Client for the full amount due, plus additional services or charges if applicable. For any longer stay accommodation periods (in excess of xx days/weeks) CWP will invoice the Client in either monthly or quarterly instalments as appropriate.
7. CWP invoice terms are payment in full is to be received as cleared funds within xx days of the invoice date.
7.3 ailure by the Client to pay any invoice amount whatsoever by its due date will result in interest at 8% per annum (in accordance with Section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 and in addition may result in the immediate cancellation of the Hire Period and the Client's use of the Accommodation and the Client will be required to discharge all monies due under the Hire period to CWP forthwith and without any offset or deduction whatsoever.

8. Payment

8.1 n the event that bookings are agreed with less than 14 days before the commencement of the Hire Period, full payment received by CWP as cleared funds is required at the time of booking.
8.2 n the event that full payment is not received by CWP as set out in Clause 8.1 above then CWP reserves the absolute right to cancel any booking and any deposit or part payment will not be refunded..
8. All payments made by credit card will incur an additional 2% fee (of the total charge due).
8.4 n accordance with Clause 5 above the Client agrees and accepts that credit card or debit card details will be retained by CWP in the event that further charges for additional services are required and or for the enforcement of Clauses 5, 8, 9,10, 11, 13, 16 and 17.

9. Liability

9.1 WP will not be liable for any death or personal injury of the Client or those residing in the Accommodation during the Hire Period save for any death or personal injury directly caused by the negligence of CWP.
9.2 n accordance with Clause 1.6 above CWP has no liability whatsoever for any damage, loss or theft of any personal belongings of the Client or the people residing in the Accommodation.
9. With regards to Clause 5.3 above the Client must notify CWP immediately in writing upon causing or becoming aware of any damage to the Accommodation or its contents. The Client expressly understands that they or anyone residing in the Accommodation must not repair or attempt to repair or carry out any work, remedial or otherwise to the Accommodation or allow any third party to do so unless expressly instructed to do so by CWP in writing. Failure to adhere to the express provisions of this Clause and Clause 5.3 may lead to additional costs and charges being charged and paid.

10. Accommodation and Occupancy

10. The Client has the right to use the Accommodation during the Hire Period free from interruption by CWP (save for any right of inspection and repair) however such right will expire automatically at the end of the Hire Period (subject to any earlier termination in accordance with these Terms and Condition or at the expiry of any period of extension of the Hire Period).
10.2 n the event that the Client elects to extend the Hire Period without prior written agreement from CWP the Client will be charged and will pay to CWP a full day's hire charge for the Accommodation at the current hire cost for each part or full day the Accommodation is not vacated and returned to CWP.
10.3 harges incurred in accordance with Clause 10,2 above are agreed to be paid in full by the Client and such costs will be paid for using the credit or debit cards details held by the Client.
10. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Clause 10 the Client accepts and grants to CWP, or their authorised representatives, permission at all reasonable times to enter the Accommodation for the purposes of inspection, maintenance and to ensure the adherence to these Terms and Conditions
10. The number of people permitted to occupy the Accommodation is restricted and limited to the number of beds provided by CWP.. In some Accommodation extra beds may be provided on request to CWP however only beds provided by CWP are compliant with this Clause and any inspection of the Accommodation that evidences beds that were not authorised or permitted by CWP will lead to the summary cancellation of the Hire Period and the immediate withholding of all monies including deposits by the Client.
10. CWP will charge and the Client will pay additional costs as notified by CWP to the Client for each additional bed at a rate of £10 per night per bed plus VAT and or £25 per week per week plus VAT.
10.7 t is the responsibility of the Client to notify and keep notified CWP of all relevant people residing in the Accommodation and of any special requirements required..
10.8 n the event of any discrepancy arising regarding the condition of the Accommodation at the end of the Hire Period (or extended Hire Period or as set out in clause 10.2 above) may incur a further charge. It is in CWP's sole and absolute discretion as to whether the condition of the Accommodation incurs such a further charge. In the event that CWP elect to do so CWP will notify the Client within one week of the end of the Hire Period and such costs will be deducted from the credit or debit card of the Client.
10. CWP does not and will not tolerate any abusive, threatening or offensive behaviour to its staff, agents or authorised third parties. If any Client or person residing in the accommodation breaches this Clause 10.9 CWP reserve the absolute right to summarily and immediately terminate the Hire Period and retain all monies paid by the Client.

11. Arrival and departure

11.1 ccommodation is usually available from 3pm on the day of arrival and standard check-out time is 10am. Later check-out times are available and can be requested in writing during the Hire Period subject to availability.
11. The Client accepts and fully understands that they are to return the Accommodation to CWP at the end of the Hire Period and in good repair, condition and in a clean and tidy state. Accommodation keys must be left as stipulated by the Client's booking confirmation.

12. Car parking

12.1 ar parking may or may not be provided with the Accommodation, dependant on the Accommodation's facilities and CWP are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to any vehicle or personal property that may occur in any car parking facility or space.

13. Access fobs and keys

13.1 key fob/card maybe be required and so they will be provided for access to the car park and entrance to the Accommodation. In the event that any key fob/card is lost, stolen and in any way not retuned to CWP at the end of the Hire Period or upon reasonable demand by CWP a £100.00 charge for each fob/card will be charged to the Client and paid for by the Client from the credit or debit card details held by CWP.
13. Keys to the Accommodation will be issued on the first day of the Hire Period and extra keys are available upon written request to CWP. On the expiry of the Hire Period all keys for the Accommodation must be returned as stipulated in the booking confirmation. If any keys are not returned a charge of £100.00 per key will be incurred and paid for the Client from the credit or debit card details held by CWP.

14. Parking permits

14. Some Accommodation locations require a parking permit to be visibly displayed on the dashboard of any vehicle at all times. If this Clause applies to the Client during the Hire Period the Client will be advised accordingly and of their duties under this Clause in their booking confirmation.
14. CWP will provide the parking permits as required with the Accommodation keys. If no permit has been provided by CWP is it the Client's responsibility to inform CWP immediately so one maybe provided. If no permit is displayed where required to do so, the Client is at risk of receiving a parking fine which will be the sole responsibility of the Client to pay and CWP does not accept any responsibility for any parking fines incurred by the Client whatsoever.

15. Parking bays

15.1 t is essential that if parking is available at the Accommodation that the Client or those residing in the Accommodation only use the space(s) which has been allocated for the Accommodation and for the Hire Period as parking in any unallocated parking bay may lead to a fine for which CWP will not, in anyway whatsoever, be responsible. In the event that an unauthorised vehicle is parked in the parking bay allocated to the Accommodation the Client must notify CWP immediately.

16. Call outs

16. Between the hours of 1900 and 0800 should the Client or those residing in the Accommodation require assistance (for example being locked out of the Accommodation) they are to contact CWP.
16. CWP reserves the absolute right on a case-by-case basis to charge the Client a £100.00 call out charge in addition to the charge for lost keys set out in Clause 13.2 above.
16. For the purposes of this Clause 16 the call out contact number between 1900 and 0800 is 07769 263226. This number should only be dialled between these stated times and only in an emergency, otherwise all calls should be made to the CWP office number: 01234 345678.

7. Extensive cleaning

17. If the Accommodation is seen to be in a state of uncleanliness in accordance with Clauses 10.1, 10.4 and or 10.5 above and or at the end of the Hire Period (or any extension thereof) and requires extensive cleaning (in the absolute and sole discretion of CWP) a charge of £100.00 will be incurred and paid by the Client in addition to any other charges as provided for in Clauses 5.3, 9.3 and 11.2 above.

18. Additional services

18.1 he Client may request in writing for CWP to provide additional services such as travel arrangements, baby package, laundry service, and grocery shopping. These and/or other additional services will be charged to and paid for by the Client.
18.2 n the event that the Client requires specific additional services these are to be detailed in writing to CWP and subject to availability, eligibility and feasibility CWP will, using their reasonable endeavours and subject to prior agreement as to the costs of such provide the requested additional services...

19. Utilities, Facilities and Services

19. As set out in Clause 6.4 above CWP will not be held responsible or liable for any failure or interruption of services to the Accommodation including electricity, gas, air conditioning, water, television, broadband, internet and other communications. However upon written notification CWP will endeavour to rectify the problem as soon as possible. If there are any issues with any items, facilities or utilities in the Accommodation you must inform CWP immediately.

20. Pets

20.1 ets are permitted in some CWP Accommodation, but not all. When making the booking the Client is responsible for informing CWP of the need for Accommodation permitting pets and for the avoidance of doubt any breach of this Clause (for example an unauthorised pet in the Accommodation) may lead to the summary cancellation of the Hire Period.
20.2 n a case-by-case basis the Client maybe required to provide a further deposit to CWP for any pet being permitted in the Accommodation for any part of the Hire Period.

21. Noise

21. CWP reserves the right to cancel summarily the Hire Period if the Client and or those residing in the Accommodation fail to respect other residents in terms of noise, conduct and or sound levels and Clients will not cause, or invite anyone into the Accommodation who will cause, a nuisance or disruption to occupiers of nearby premises or apartments.
21. CWP does not have any control or responsibility for noise caused outside of the Accommodation such as public activity and nightlife. No refunds or discounts will be given if the Client or those residing in the Accommodation elect to vacate the accommodation or terminate the Hire Period for this reason.

22. Smoking

22.1 moking is strictly prohibited in the Accommodation and in the internal and or communal areas of the building. Smoking is expressly only permitted on external balconies if the Accommodation has any however all cigarette butts must be disposed of appropriately and safely. A charge of £100.00 will be made if there is any evidence of smoking within the Accommodation or internal and or communal areas.

23. Accommodation specification

23.1 ll CWP's Accommodation are individual and vary in style, decoration, size and layout, therefore furnishing details are not as standard. Although Accommodation and location are confirmed in advance, the exact Accommodation cannot be guaranteed. All Accommodations are fit for purpose and CWP cannot guarantee that relocation to a different Accommodation based on personal preference or taste. It is entirely at the discretion of CWP whether to provide a relocation service into a different Accommodation based on personal preference and is strictly subject to feasibility, eligibility and availability. The Client will be charged £100.00 to relocate.

24. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

24.1 ll bookings are subject to these Terms and Conditions and by confirming a booking the Client and all persons residing in the Accommodation agree and accept without exception these Terms and Conditions.
24.2 ayment of CWP's charges and or the deposit confirms the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the Client agrees that they have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and furthermore expressly informed all those residing in the Accommodation of the existence, meaning and enforceability of these Terms and Conditions.
24.3 WP has the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time and the current and in force set of Terms and Conditions are available at www.clairewaltonproperty.co.uk

25. Feedback and complaints

25.1 n the event that the Client has any comments or feedback to make relating to CWP they can do so in writing to 9 Sergeants Way, Bedford, MK41 0EH,
or e-mail: Claire@clairewaltonproperty.co.uk

26. Good Faith

26.1 he Client and those residing in the Accommodation agree unconditionally to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner in good faith at all times during the operation of these Terms and Conditions and during the Hire Period.
26. In the event of a dispute or disagreement under these Terms and Conditions the Client and those residing in the accommodation and CWP agree to enter into good faith discussions in order to resolve and settle such a disagreement or dispute.
26.3 n the event that such good faith discussions do not resolve and or settle a dispute or disagreement as set out in Clause 26.2 above then such a dispute or disagreement will be, without objection or exception referred to The Dispute Resolution Partnership (www.thedisputeresolutionpartnerhsip.org)

27. Severability

27.1 n the event that any provision, clause and or term of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable by any judicial or other competent authority all other clauses, conditions and or terms will remain in full force and effect and will not in any way be impaired. If any provision, clause and or term contained herein is held to be invalid or unenforceable but would be valid or enforceable if some part or parts were deleted then the provision, clause and or term will continue to apply with the minimum modification necessary to make it valid and enforceable.

28. Assignment and Sub-letting

28. The Client may not assign the Hire Period or its obligations, liabilities or responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions to any other person, company, business or entity without the express prior written consent having been provided by CWP.
28.2 he Client may not sub-let, rent out or permit, knowingly or unknowingly any other individual (other than those to which CWP have been informed of) to reside at the Accommodation without the express prior written consent having been provided by CWP.
28.3 ny breach or anticipated breach of this Clause provides CWP the absolute right to terminate the Hire Period summarily and to retain and recover all monies due to CWP.

29. Jurisdiction

29. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Laws of England and Wales and CWP, the Client and all those residing in the Accommodation agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.